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SAS Warehouse Administrator

SAS/Warehouse Administrator Add-In Tools

The add-in tools are programs written by the warehouse development staff that extend the functionality of your warehousing software. The add-in tools that are provided for SAS/Warehouse Administrator include utility tools for loading, transforming and extracting data, as well as tools that enhance integration between the warehouse and other SAS components.

For the complete list of add-in tools, see

Downloading the Add-In Tools

The SAS/Warehouse Administrator Add-In Tools are not provided with SAS/Warehouse Administrator software. Because these tools are made available outside of the SAS software release schedule, you must install the tools after you have installed SAS/Warehouse Administrator.

You can obtain these tools from SAS/Warehouse Administrator Solutions CD and you can download the latest tools from our Web site. You can select only those tools that you want to install. The installation instructions are provided for you in the download table, and documentation for the tool is provided with the tool.

Accessing the Add-In Tools

After you have installed the add-ins, you can access them from within SAS/Warehouse Administrator:

  1. Open an Environment in SAS/Warehouse Administrator Explorer.
  2. From the menu bar, select Tools -> Add-Ins.

    The list of tools is displayed.