Advanced Reporting Techniques

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IT Service Vision provides several report output options. You may display your reports in a SAS window or save them in a SAS catalog. Also, you have the option of saving your reports to an external file, or making them web accessible. From the main window select:

Reporting -> Manage Report Definitions -> Locals -> Report Output Options

The Report Output Options Window contains the options for report output. They are as follows:

SAS Window This is the default output method. Graphs of reports are displayed in a SAS window.
SAS Catalog You may save your reports to a SAS Catalog for later retrival or use by other SAS programs.
External File To save your graphs and reports to an external file, select Set Attributes... Input the File Name and File Location of the report you want to save.
Web This option allow you to save your reports in a web based format. Select Set Attributes... to specify the location of your web based reports.

Image Directory Set the location of an image output directory
Image URL An Internet URL that points to the Image Directory
HTML Directory Set the location of a HTML output directory
HTML URL An Internet URL that points to the HTML Directory
SAS Catalog?? The SAS catalog that will also contain your reports
Description A description of this web based report
Small device Size of the thumbnail report images.
Large device Size of the report images.