Section 2, Task 4: Set Up Your Production Job
Action : Schedule the production job(s)

  1. Start SDE from within SpectroGRAPH by selecting

    File -> Export Data...

  2. To open the Export Definition Description that you created earlier for exporting the archived data, select

    File -> Open...

    Select the name of the export Definition Description that you created in Section 1 Task 2: Start Your Data Collection Software. The suggested name was exp_def_desc_1.sde. Review the settings to make sure everything is correct for batch processing. For instance, the model data set and statistics data set should be marked for export and the range should probably be a relative specification like DAY rather than custom.

  3. To set up regular export intervals, select

    File -> Schedule Export...

    If you need more information on scheduling automatic data export, see the SPECTRUM Data Export User's Guide.