Section 2, Task 1: Customize and Verify Your Test PDB
Prerequisite 1: You have a printed copy of the table definition(s).

It is convenient to have a copy of all the table definition(s) that are in your PDB in front of you as you step through the actions in this task.

To print from the IT Service Vision interface:

  1. Clear the SAS log.

    Unless you want to save a complete log of your SAS session, you may want to clear the log before you display the definitions on it. If so, make the SAS log window the active window and then select Edit and Clear text.

  2. Selecting the table(s).

    In the log window, IT Service Vision displays a copy of the table definition (and of the table's variable definitions).

    If you want to find specific information in the LOG window follow this path:

    Edit -> Find...

    IT Service Vision displays the Find...: LOG window. Type a search string in the Find field. Select the other search parameters, and then select Find. IT Service Vision scrolls the log to the specified string. To find the next instance,

    MVS Use the function key (by default, PF17) to which the SAS RFIND command is assigned.
    UNIX Select Find again.
    WNT Select Find again.
  3. Copy the table definition(s) to an external file.

    Follow this path:

    File -> Save as -> Write to File...

    Type the full pathname of the file in the Enter directory, filename, or filter field, and select OK.

  4. Use your local print facility to print the file.

    To print in background/batch: