Section 2, Task 1: Customize and Verify Your Test PDB
Action 6: Process and reduce another day's data

Approximately six hours to one day after you changed the configuration of your PDB and collector (to give your collector the time to collect data based on the new configuration), process and reduce data again. For details, see Section 1, Task 3: Create a Test PDB and Process, Reduce, and Report on the Data.

Note: If you are considering keeping some additional string variables, time the process step. Then reverse the Kept settings on these variables and time the process step six hours to a day later. You should be able to decide from this whether you want to keep any of these variables.

The delay caused by getting values for these variables depends on your data volume, the number of nodes reporting data, and your network's responsiveness. The only way to evaluate the impact of keeping these variables is to time them in your process step.