Section 2, Task 1: Customize and Verify Your Test PDB
Action 4: Build views

  1. Create a file containing these statements.

    * Building views;
    %CPSTART( pdb=your_test_pdb, mode=batch, access=write );
    %CPCAT; cards4;
    build views name=_all_ ;
    /* The four semicolons must start in column one */
    %CPCAT( cat=work.temp.bldviews.source );
    %CPDDUTL( entrynam=work.temp.bldviews.source, list=yes );

    where your_test_pdb is the name of your PDB, %CPCAT will load a catalog entry with a control statement and %CPDDUTL will apply that control statement to the PDB.

    For more information on the BUILD VIEWS control statement, see the Reference Documentation for IT Service Vision.

  2. Start SAS from your operating system prompt as follows.

    UNIX sas filename -terminal -batch -dmsbatch -fsdevice ascii.vt100
    WNT start /w c:\m612_win\sas -sysin filename -dmsbatch -icon

    where filename is the name of the file that contains the above statements.

    Or, submit the statements (if the IT Service Vision server software is already running), in the PROGRAM EDITOR window. Type the set of statements and select Locals and Submit.