Section 2, Task 1: Customize and Verify Your Test PDB
Action 4: Build views

  1. Set up a batch job with a SAS job step, using JCL like the JCL that you used your SAS job step in Section 1, Task 3: Create a Test PDB and Process, Reduce, and Report on Data.

  2. In the job step, include the following macro invocations:
                MXGSRC=('mxg.userid.sourclib' 'mxg.mxg.sourclib'),
       %CPCAT; cards4;
         build views name = _all_;
       %CPCAT( cat=work.temp.bldviews.source );
       %CPDDUTL( entrynam=work.temp.bldviews.source, list=yes );

    where itsv.prefix is the high-level qualifiers (with or without a trailing period) of the SAS library at your site that contains the IT Service Vision server software, and your.test.pdb is the name (high-level-qualifiers with or without a trailing period) of the IT Service Vision PDB for which you want to build the table views.

    For more information on the BUILD VIEWS control statement, see the information on the %CPDDUTL macro and its control statements in the Macro Reference documentation for IT Service Vision.

  3. Submit the job.