SunNet Manager and Enterprise Manager Appendix 1: Mapping SunNet Manager Metrics to IT Service Vision Tables and Variables

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SunNet Manager logged data is read into IT Service Vision tables based on the name of the table. Select tables for your PDB that correspond to the data in your Sun Net Manager log files by matching the IT Service Vision table external name (determined via the IT Service Vision graphical user interface Administration -> Explore Tables/Variables) with the SunNet Manager table name (determined from Sun documentation, from the SunNet Manager interactive user interface, or from the SunNet Manager log file itself). For SunNet Manager 1.0 files, the external name appears as the second field in each log record. For example, log record:

D iostat.disk.694816221 100106 6091 695326091 900 0 0 mercury disk id000 . . .

is a record for the table with external name iostat.disk.

For SunNet Manager 2.0 and later, the second field in each logged record is blank, so the table name must be determined from the rpc number (field 4) and the table group name (field 14). The rpc number maps to the first name of the table (the part before the dot) using the /etc/rpc file on the workstation running SunNet Manager. The group name is the second name of the table (the part after the dot). For example, the 100107 in this log record:

D "" 100107 716827965 720001 716859485 716859486 21589875 0 64 bb1403 data "" . . .

would indicate that this record is for the table if /etc/rpc file on the workstation running SunNet Manager contained the following line:

hostperf 100107 na.hostperf