Cabletron SPECTRUM Appendix 1: Starting the processd Daemon

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The processd daemon is not running on the specified SpectroSERVER if you start SpectroSERVER and get a message similar to this one:

SpectroSERVER: Cannot connect to the processd at this location:
machine name

where machine name is the SPECTRUM management host name.

To start the daemon, perform the following steps on the SPECTRUM management host machine.

  1. Check to see if the processd daemon is running.

    Check to see if the daemon is currently running by issuing this command:

    ps -ef | grep processd

    If the daemon is running, you will see output similar to the following:

    root 975 295 2 14:50:39 pts/1 0:00 grep processd
    root 960 1 42 14:48:13 ? 0:00 /usr/spectrum/SDPM/processd -dir
  2. Start the processd daemon.

    To start the daemon, issue these commands:

    cd SPECTRUM_home/SDPM ./ start

    To see if the daemon has started, repeat Step 1 in this appendix. If the daemon is still not running, check the SPECTRUM System Administrator's Guide for troubleshooting hints.