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SAS® Data Management

SAS Data Management Advanced and SAS Data Management Standard are software offerings that provide the following suite of products.

Starting in SAS 9.4, the SAS Data Management Standard offering replaces the SAS Enterprise Data Integration Server offering. This later offering also includes SAS 9.3 and earlier versions of the SAS Data Integration Server offering.

SAS 9.4 Data Management: Overview presents an extended example that shows how SAS data management products work together to solve complicated business problems. The overview covers SAS 9.4 data management architecture, including products for data access, data quality, data management, and data governance.

  • SAS 9.4 Data Management: Overview PDF | HTML

The SAS Data Management Advanced offering includes all of the products listed below. Asterisks (*) indicate software products that are included only with the SAS Data Management Advanced offering.

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