What's New in Application Server Administration for the SAS 9.3 Intelligence Platform

Added Object Spawner Command Option for Load-balancing Peer without a Peer Refresh

A new Object Spawner command option (-lbaddtocluster) enables you to add a new host to an existing load balancing peer object without requiring a peer refresh. This feature is required for cloud computing and software as a service models.

Enhanced Support for Running SAS Code at Server Session Boundaries

In addition to the stored process server, the workspace server and pooled workspace server now support running SAS code at server session start up and shutdown.

Enhanced Support for Running SAS Code at Server Boundaries

In SAS 9.3, the IOM servers also support running SAS code at server start up and shutdown.

Added Single Sign-on Support, Based on Kerberos, for UNIX

Single sign-on support based on Kerberos has been added for SAS servers running on UNIX.

Added Object Spawner Support for FIPS

The object spawner supports the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) compliance mode that is provided by SAS/SECURE software in its implementation of the FIPS 140-2 specification.

Changed Server Credentials for Load Balancing

Server load balancing generates its own credentials internally in SAS 9.3. Logical server credentials are no longer needed.

Added Support for Grid Algorithm

The load-balancing grid algorithm is now supported for the OLAP, stored process, and pooled workspace servers.

Changed Object Spawner Refresh

In SAS 9.3, when you refresh the object spawner, the spawner now quiesces any servers that it has started. The servers shut down when their clients have completed their work.

Added New SAS Procedure: PROC IOMOPERATE

There is a new SAS 9.3 procedure, PROC IOMOPERATE. It administers SAS servers that support the SAS IOM infrastructure.