What's New

What's New in the SAS 9.2 Companion for Windows


SAS under Windows enables you to complete your data and computation tasks in SAS while integrating with the Windows applications that are already in place on your desktop and within your enterprise. SAS supports information sharing through Windows tools and techniques.

The following changes and enhancements are new in SAS under Windows:

SAS Default Directory Path

The default directory path where SAS is installed has changed. The C:\Program Files\SAS directory is now the root location for all of the SAS products that you install. In previous versions of SAS, the directory path was C:\Program Files\SAS\SAS X.X. The directory path is now C:\Program Files\SAS\SASFoundation\9.2. This path maps to the !SASROOT directory that is used in this document.

Word Tip

Information was added about Word Tips that help you understand abbreviations that you add.

Software Migration

The following information was added and enhanced regarding the migration of SAS software.

Support for Windows Versions

The following are new:

Windows NT, Windows 2000 Server, and Windows Server 2008 are not supported.

Running SAS in Batch Mode

Information about running SAS in batch mode was added to the document.

SAS Disk Cleanup Handler Utility

The SAS Disk Cleanup Handler Utility is new. The SAS Disk Cleanup Handler will search for and clean any temporary files or directories that were generated by SAS. The SAS Disc Cleanup Handler Utility cleans directories such as SAS Work and SAS_util directories as well. SAS Disk Cleanup Handler is a COM hook into the Microsoft Disk Cleanup Handler (cleanmgr.exe).

Recovery Information If SAS Does Not Start

Information has been added to the What If SAS Does Not Start? section to recover if SAS does not start, if the screen appears and then disappears, or if SAS is very slow.

SAS Logging Facility

Information about the SAS Logging Facility has been added to the document.

Remote Browsing

Information about remote browsing has been added to the document.

Reformatting SPSS Files

Information about reformatting SPSS files has been added to the document.

SAS Language Elements


The following SAS command was modified:

Data Set Options

The following data set option is new:


Options FILE SIZE and DATE MODIFIED were added to the FINFO function.


The following statements was modified:

The range of the LRECL (record-length) option was changed to 1 - 1,073,741,823 for the following statements:


The automatic macro variable, SYSSCPL, has several new values. The SYSSCPL variable returns the name of the specific Windows environment that you are using.

System Options

The following system options are enhanced:

The following system options are new: