What's New

What's New in the SAS Enterprise Miner: Single-User Installation Guide


The SAS Enterprise Miner: Single-User Installation Guide explains how to install and initially configure SAS Enterprise Miner in single-user mode.

This document contains new material on the following enhancements and changes to the SAS Intelligence Platform:

SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office Ships with SAS Enterprise Miner

The SAS Add-In 4.3 for Microsoft Office is bundled with SAS Enterprise Miner 6.2.

New SAS Deployment Tools

SAS 9.2 has new deployment tools:

New Configuration Management Tool

The new SAS Deployment Manager enables you to remove configuration information (including metadata definitions, configuration files, and Windows services) for one or more components of your installation.

Deployment Enhancements

SAS 9.2 has the following deployment enhancements:

Port Changes

The following port changes have been made: