What's New

What's New in System Administration for the SAS 9.2 Intelligence Platform


The SAS Intelligence Platform includes new and enhanced system administration tools, new features for server logging and management, new server components, changes to metadata repositories, and new documentation for administrators. The enhancements and changes include the following:

New Logging Facility for SAS Servers

A new standard logging facility is provided for SAS servers. The facility supports problem diagnosis and resolution, performance and capacity management, and auditing and regulatory compliance. The logging facility provides the following capabilities for servers:

New Server Management and Monitoring Features

The following new features are provided to help you manage and monitor your SAS server components, including the SAS Metadata Server, SAS OLAP Server, SAS Stored Process Server, SAS Workspace Server, SAS Pooled Workspace Server, SAS object spawner, and SAS Table Server:

New SAS Server Components

The initial configuration of your system includes these new server components:

Depending on which SAS offerings you have installed, your configuration might also include the following new server components:

Enhancements and Changes Pertaining to Metadata Server Administration

The following enhancements and changes pertain to administration of the SAS Metadata Server:

Enhancements and Changes Pertaining to Metadata Administration

The following enhancements pertain to the administration of metadata and metadata repositories:

The October 2010 release includes these features:

The following features have been removed:

New Configuration Management Tool

The new SAS Software Deployment Manager enables you to remove configuration information (including metadata definitions, configuration files, and Windows services) for one or more components of your installation. You can use this feature to remove a component that you will no longer be using, or to move a component from one machine to another. You can also use the SAS Software Deployment Manager to rebuild SAS Web applications and to update a service account password that is included only in metadata.

In the October 2009 release, the SAS Deployment Manager includes a new option to renew software licenses for some SAS solutions that depend on a SAS middle tier.

In the third maintenance release for SAS 9.2, the SAS Deployment Manager includes a new option to change the host names (including the network domains to which they belong) of server machines in your deployment.

New Documentation for Administrators

SAS 9.2 includes these changes to system administration documentation: