SAS Model Manager 2.3

New Features in SAS Model Manager 2.3

Here are some of the new features in SAS Model Manager 2.3:
  • additional support for publishing scoring functions.
  • dashboard reports for a project.
  • the ability to modify project input and output table properties.
  • the ability to import models that were created by the SAS Rapid Predictive Modeler task. For more information, see SAS Rapid Predictive Modeler.
For more information about the new features and enhancements in SAS Model Manager 2.3, contact your SAS account representative.

Upgrading to SAS Model Manager 2.3

To upgrade an existing SAS Model Manager 2.2 installation to SAS Model Manager 2.3, you must have administrator privileges for your operating environment and for installing SAS.
To install SAS Model Manager 2.3, run the SAS Deployment Wizard. This wizard automatically detects if there are SAS software products in your order that are more recent than the products you have deployed on your machine. For example, if your order includes a new release of SAS Model Manager and SAS Enterprise Miner, then both products are upgraded when you run the SAS Deployment Wizard. You do not need to run the SAS Deployment Wizard for each product.
For instructions on how to upgrade to SAS Model Manager 2.3, see Upgrading SAS Products.
At the end of the installation process, you will see the UpdateInstructions.html file. Follow the instructions in this file to complete your upgrade to SAS Model Manager 2.3.
Here is an example of the instructions that you might find in the UpdateInstructions.html file:
SAS Model Manager Application Programming Interface Product Upgrade
The product has been upgraded from Version 2.2_M2 to Version 2.3.

A backup copy of the previous app.config and picklist files from the
ModelManager directory under the Analytics Platform has been created. 
If you had changed the contents of any of these files, then you will need 
to make the same modifications to the new files that were laid down in their
place. You can use the backup copy of these files, found in the backup
directory Backup_x.x as a reference to the existing values.

Uninstalling SAS Model Manager 2.2

The SAS Deployment Wizard installs SAS Model Manager 2.3, but it does not uninstall SAS Model Manager 2.2 from your machine. To uninstall SAS Model Manager 2.2, use the Uninstall facility in Windows operating environments.