SAS Real-Time Decision Manager 5.4

New Features in SAS Real-Time Decision Manager 5.4

New features in SAS Real-Time Decision Manager 5.4 include the following:
  • offer arbitration which helps determine the customer's next best action by evaluating and prioritizing a large number of treatments.
  • the ability to process data grids.
  • integration with SAS Data Surveyor for Clickstream Data so responses can be captured for presented treatments.
  • the ability to reference calculated values that are defined in upstream nodes.
  • the ability to deploy campaigns and decision diagrams from SAS Management Console.
  • the ability to run tests for campaigns and diagrams from a command line.
  • the ability to concurrently execute activity and sub-flow nodes in the main flow. An optional Boolean concurrent attribute has been added to indicate whether the nodes should be executed concurrently.
  • support for BI Web Services. Now users can expose input and output parameterized stored processes as Web services that can be invoked by using SOAP requests.
  • support for handling user-defined functions.
  • new PRINT function.
  • the ability to call async Web services.
  • database support for Teradata and Microsoft SQL Server.
  • a diagnostics page for the engine.
  • support for LAX.

Upgrading to SAS Real-Time Decision Manager 5.4

All user-defined repositories are automatically imported into your 5.4 repositories. Before upgrading to the 5.4 release, back up any user-defined repositories that were created in SAS Real-Time Decision Manager 5.3.
To create these backups with SAS Real-Time Decision Manager 5.3 installed:
  1. Open SAS Management Console. Select the metadata profile of a user who has permissions for the design and production repositories.
  2. From the Folders tab, navigate to each user-defined repository folder by selecting Systemthen selectApplicationsthen selectSAS Real-Time Decision Managerthen selectSAS Real-Time Decision Manager 5.3.
  3. Right-click on the repository folder and select Export Package.
  4. Select to export a package for each repository folder and click OK.
To upgrade to SAS Real-Time Decision Manager 5.4, run the SAS Deployment Wizard. This wizard automatically detects if there are SAS software products in your order that are more recent than the products you have deployed on your machine. For example, if your order includes a new release of SAS Marketing Automation and SAS Real-Time Decision Manager, then both of these products are upgraded when you run the SAS Deployment Wizard. Do not run the SAS Deployment Wizard separately for each product upgrade. Also, if you have not applied the third maintenance release for SAS 9.2, then these updates are installed as well. If your SAS order contains any new products that were not in your current deployment, you must rerun the SAS Deployment Wizard to add the new products to your deployment.
For instructions on how to upgrade to SAS Real-Time Decision Manager 5.4, see Upgrading SAS Products.
After the upgrade is complete, review the UpdateInstructions.html file for additional instructions. For instructions on modifying activities, see the migration information in the SAS Real-Time Decision Manager: Administrator’s Guide.

Uninstalling SAS Real-Time Decision Manager 5.3

After you validate your upgrade, you can uninstall the previous release of SAS Real-Time Decision Manager. If you previously installed the SAS Real-Time Decision Manager 5.3, remove the EAR files for the 5.3 release from the SAS-configuration-directory/Lev1/Web/Staging/Backup directory.
If you have not already done so, stop and uninstall the SAS Real-Time Design Server 5.3 and the SAS Real-Time Engine Server 5.3 applications from the application server.