SAS Financial Management

Use the following table to determine what steps you need to complete to update your release of SAS Financial Management. To determine the product release number for SAS Financial Management, see the deployment registry report that you generated before you applied the third maintenance release. For more information, see Determining the Product Release Numbers for Products at Your Site.
Steps for Updating SAS Financial Management
Update Scenario
Are Post-Configuration Steps Recommended?
You are applying the third maintenance release, and the product release number for SAS Financial Management is 5.1.
When you apply the third maintenance release for SAS 9.2 to SAS Financial Management 5.1, you will see errors for the configuration steps that start these spawners:
  • SAS OLAP Data and Compute Server Mid-Tier for Solutions
  • SAS Financial Management Mid-Tier
  • SAS Strategy Management Mid-Tier
After each error, a dialog box appears. Click Yes to continue with any remaining configuration steps.
For more information, see SAS Note 38083 at
You are upgrading from SAS Financial Management 5.1 to SAS Financial Management 5.2.
For more information about the new release and the steps for upgrading to this new release, see SAS Financial Management 5.2.