What Can I Do If a Product Update Fails?

When you review the Installation section in the Deployment Summary, you might see that a product installation failed. For more information, see About the Deployment Summary.
If the update of a product failed during the installation process, you might need to force a reinstallation of the maintenance release. For example, your installation failed while installing the English update of Base SAS. However, the Deployment Summary shows that the update for Base SAS was applied, and you cannot reinstall Base SAS from the SAS Deployment Wizard.
To force the SAS Deployment Wizard into update mode, specify the -forcemaint option when you specify the start-up command for your operating environment. (For more start-up commands, see “Install and Configure SAS Interactively” in the SAS Intelligence Platform: Installation and Configuration Guide.) When forced into update mode, SAS examines each file and determines whether any updates need to be applied.