The BOXPLOT Procedure

Example 28.4 Creating Notched Box-and-Whiskers Plots

The following statements use the flight delay data of Example 28.2 to create box-and-whiskers plots with notches:

proc boxplot data=Times;
   plot Delay*Day /
      boxstyle  = schematicid
      odstitle  = title
      odstitle2 = title2
   id Reason;
   label Delay = 'Delay in Minutes';

The notches, requested with the NOTCHES option, measure the significance of the difference between two medians. The medians of two box plots are significantly different at approximately the 0.95 confidence level if the corresponding notches do not overlap. For example, in Output 28.4.1, the median for December 20 is significantly different from the median for December 24.

Output 28.4.1: Notched Side-by-Side Box-and-Whiskers Plots

Notched Side-by-Side Box-and-Whiskers Plots