The VARIOGRAM Procedure

STORE Statement

STORE OUT=store-name </ option> ;

The STORE statement requests that the procedure save the context and results of the semivariogram model fitting analysis in an item store. An item store is a binary file defined by the SAS System. You cannot modify the contents of an item store. The contents of item stores produced by PROC VARIOGRAM can be processed only with the KRIGE2D or the SIM2D procedure. After you save results in an item store, you can use them at a later time without having to fit the model again.

The store-name is a usual one- or two-level SAS name, as for SAS data sets. If you specify a one-level name, then the item store resides in the Work library and is deleted at the end of the SAS session. Since item stores are often used for postprocessing tasks, typical usage specifies a two-level name of the form libname.membername. If an item store by the same name as specified in the STORE statement already exists, the existing store is replaced.

You can specify the following option in the STORE statement after a slash (/):


specifies a custom label for the item store that is produced by PROC VARIOGRAM. When another procedure processes an item store, the label appears in the procedure’s output along with other identifying information.