The Quantiles table displays all the quantiles that you request with either statistic-keywords such as DECILES, MEDIAN, Q1, Q3, and QUARTILES, or the PERCENTILE= option, or the QUANTILE= option in the PROC SURVEYMEANS statement.

The Quantiles table contains the following information for each quantile:

  • Variable name

  • Variable Label

  • Percentile, which is the requested quantile in the format of %

  • Percentile Label, which is the corresponding common name for a percentile if it exists—for example, Median for 50th percentile

  • Estimate, which is the estimate for a requested quantile with respect to the population distribution

  • Std Error, which is the standard error of the quantile

  • $100(1-\alpha )$% Confidence Limits, which are two-sided confidence limits for the quantile