The SURVEYFREQ Procedure

Syntax: SURVEYFREQ Procedure

The following statements are available in the SURVEYFREQ procedure:

BY variables ;
CLUSTER variables ;
REPWEIGHTS variables </ options> ;
STRATA variables </ option> ;
TABLES requests </ options> ;
WEIGHT variable ;

The PROC SURVEYFREQ statement invokes the procedure, identifies the data set to be analyzed, and specifies the variance estimation method to use. The PROC SURVEYFREQ statement is required.

The TABLES statement specifies frequency or crosstabulation tables and requests tests and statistics for those tables. The STRATA statement lists the variables that form the strata in a stratified sample design. The CLUSTER statement specifies cluster identification variables in a clustered sample design. The WEIGHT statement names the sampling weight variable. The REPWEIGHTS statement names replicate weight variables for BRR or jackknife variance estimation. The BY statement requests completely separate analyses of groups defined by the BY variables.

All statements can appear multiple times except the PROC SURVEYFREQ statement and the WEIGHT statement, which can appear only once.

The rest of this section gives detailed syntax information for the BY, CLUSTER, REPWEIGHTS, STRATA, TABLES, and WEIGHT statements in alphabetical order after the description of the PROC SURVEYFREQ statement.