The SIM2D Procedure

Getting Started: SIM2D Procedure

Spatial simulation, just like spatial prediction, requires a model of spatial dependence, usually in terms of the covariance $C_ z(\bm {h})$. For a given set of spatial data $Z(\bm {s}_ i), i=1,\cdots ,n$, the covariance structure (both the form and parameter values) can be found by the VARIOGRAM procedure. This example uses the coal seam thickness data that are also used in the section Getting Started: VARIOGRAM Procedure.

In this example, the data consist of coal seam thickness measurements (in feet) taken over an area of $100 \times 100$ ($10^6$ ft$^2$). The coordinates are offsets from a point in the southwest corner of the measurement area, with the north and east distances in units of thousands of feet.