The SCORE Procedure

Scoring Coefficients Data Set

The data set containing scoring coefficients must contain two special variables: the _TYPE_ variable and the _NAME_ or _MODEL_ variable.

  • The _TYPE_ variable identifies the observations that contain scoring coefficients.

  • The _NAME_ or _MODEL_ variable provides a SAS name for the new score variable.

PROC SCORE first looks for a _NAME_ variable in the SCORE= input data set. If there is such a variable, the variable’s value is what SCORE uses to name the new score variable. If the SCORE= data set does not have a _NAME_ variable, then PROC SCORE looks for a _MODEL_ variable.

For example, PROC FACTOR produces an output data set that contains factor-scoring coefficients. In this output data set, the scoring coefficients are identified by _TYPE_=’SCORE’. For _TYPE_=’SCORE’, the _NAME_ variable has values of ’Factor1’, ’Factor2’, and so forth. PROC SCORE gives the new score variables the names Factor1, Factor2, and so forth.

As another example, the REG procedure produces an output data set that contains parameter estimates. In this output data set, the parameter estimates are identified by _TYPE_=’PARMS’. The _MODEL_ variable contains the label used in the MODEL statement in PROC REG, or it uses MODELn if no label is specified. This label is the name PROC SCORE gives to the new score variable.