The PLS Procedure

Displayed Output

By default, PROC PLS displays just the amount of predictor and response variation accounted for by each factor.

If you perform a cross validation for the number of factors by specifying the CV option in the PROC PLS statement, then the procedure displays a summary of the cross validation for each number of factors, along with information about the optimal number of factors.

If you specify the DETAILS option in the PROC PLS statement, then details of the fitted model are displayed for each successive factor. These details for each number of factors include the following:

  • the predictor loadings

  • the predictor weights

  • the response weights

  • the coded regression coefficients (for METHOD=SIMPLS, PCR, or RRR)

If you specify the CENSCALE option in the PROC PLS statement, then centering and scaling information for each response and predictor is displayed.

If you specify the VARSS option in the PROC PLS statement, the procedure displays, in addition to the average response and predictor sum of squares accounted for by each successive factor, the amount of variation accounted for in each response and predictor.

If you specify the SOLUTION option in the MODEL statement, then PROC PLS displays the coefficients of the final predictive model for the responses. The coefficients for predicting the centered and scaled responses based on the centered and scaled predictors are displayed, as well as the coefficients for predicting the raw responses based on the raw predictors.