The PLAN Procedure

Syntax: PLAN Procedure

The following statements are available in the PLAN procedure:

PROC PLAN <options> ;
FACTORS factor-selections </ NOPRINT> ;
OUTPUT OUT=SAS-data-set <factor-value-settings> ;
TREATMENTS factor-selections ;

To use PROC PLAN, you need to specify the PROC PLAN statement and at least one FACTORS statement before the first RUN statement. The TREATMENTS statement, OUTPUT statement, and additional FACTORS statements can appear either before the first RUN statement or after it.

The rest of this section gives detailed syntax information for each of the statements, beginning with the PROC PLAN statement. The remaining statements are described in alphabetical order.

You can use PROC PLAN interactively by specifying multiple groups of statements, separated by RUN statements. For details, see the section Using PROC PLAN Interactively.