The PHREG Procedure

Syntax: PHREG Procedure

The following statements are available in the PHREG procedure. Items within < > are optional.

PROC PHREG <options> ;
ASSESS keyword </ options> ;
<keyword=name …keyword=name> </ options> ;
BAYES <options> ;
BY variables ;
CLASS variable <(options)> <…variable <(options)>> </ options> ;
CONTRAST <'label'> effect values <,, effect values> </ options> ;
FREQ variable ;
EFFECT name = effect-type (variables </ options>) ;
ESTIMATE <'label'> estimate-specification </ options> ;
HAZARDRATIO <'label'> variable </ options> ;
ID variables ;
LSMEANS <model-effects> </ options> ;
LSMESTIMATE model-effect lsmestimate-specification </ options> ;
MODEL response <*censor(list)> = <effects> </ options> ;
OUTPUT <OUT=SAS-data-set> <keyword=name …keyword=name> </ options> ;
Programming statements ;
RANDOM variable </ options> ;
SLICE model-effect </ options> ;
STORE <OUT=> item-store-name </ LABEL='label'> ;
STRATA variable <(list)> <…variable <(list)>> </ option> ;
<label:> TEST equation <,, equation> </ options> ;
WEIGHT variable </ option> ;

The PROC PHREG and MODEL statements are required. The CLASS statement, if present, must precede the MODEL statement, and the ASSESS or CONTRAST statement, if present, must come after the MODEL statement. The BAYES statement, that invokes a Bayesian analysis, is not compatible with the ASSESS, CONTRAST, ID, OUTPUT, and TEST statements, as well as a number of options in the PROC PHREG and MODEL statements. See the section Specifics for Bayesian Analysis for details.

The rest of this section provides detailed syntax information for each statement, beginning with the PROC PHREG statement. The remaining statements are covered in alphabetical order.