The NLIN Procedure

Output Data Sets

The data set produced by the OUTEST= option in the PROC NLIN statement contains the parameter estimates on each iteration, including the grid search.

The variable _ITER_ contains the iteration number. The variable _TYPE_ denotes whether the observation contains iteration parameter estimates (ITER), final parameter estimates (FINAL), or covariance estimates (COVB). The variable _NAME_ contains the parameter name for covariances, and the variable _SSE_ contains the objective function value for the parameter estimates. The variable _STATUS_ indicates whether the estimates have converged.

The data set produced by the OUTPUT statement contains statistics calculated for each observation. In addition, the data set contains the variables from the input data set and any ID variables that are specified in the ID statement.

The data set that is produced by the PROFDATA= option in the PROFILE statement contains statistics that are calculated during parameter profiling. The variable _TYPE_ denotes whether the observation is from a profiling task (set as PROF) or jackknife resampling task (set as JACK). The variable _PROF_PARM_ refers to the name of the profiled parameter for profiling tasks. The variable _OBS_INF_MEAS_ is the observation index of the deleted observation for jackknife resampling tasks, and the variables _L_STAT_ and _W_STAT_ contain the likelihood ratio pivotal statistic and the Wald pivotal statistic, respectively. The rest of the variables are the parameter estimates.