The MIANALYZE Procedure

Syntax: MIANALYZE Procedure

The following statements are available in the MIANALYZE procedure:

PROC MIANALYZE <options> ;
BY variables ;
CLASS variables ;
<label:> TEST equation1 <,, <equationk>> </ options> ;
STDERR variables ;

The BY statement specifies groups in which separate analyses are performed.

The CLASS statement lists the classification variables in the MODELEFFECTS statement. Classification variables can be either character or numeric.

The required MODELEFFECTS statement lists the effects to be analyzed. The variables in the statement that are not specified in a CLASS statement are assumed to be continuous.

The STDERR statement lists the standard errors associated with the effects in the MODELEFFECTS statement when both parameter estimates and standard errors are saved as variables in the same DATA= data set. The STDERR statement can be used only when each effect in the MODELEFFECTS statement is a continuous variable by itself.

The TEST statement tests linear hypotheses about the parameters. An F statistic is used to jointly test the null hypothesis ($H_0: \mb {L \beta = c}$) specified in a single TEST statement. Several TEST statements can be used.

The PROC MIANALYZE and MODELEFFECTS statements are required for the MIANALYZE procedure. The rest of this section provides detailed syntax information for each of these statements, beginning with the PROC MIANALYZE statement. The remaining statements are in alphabetical order.