The LATTICE Procedure

Syntax: LATTICE Procedure

The following statements are available in the LATTICE procedure:

PROC LATTICE <options> ;
BY variables ;
VAR variables ;

Three specific numeric SAS variables, Group, Block, and Treatment, must be present in the data set to which PROC LATTICE is applied. For compatibility with previous releases, the variable Treatment can alternatively be named Treatmnt. A fourth numeric variable named Rep must be present when the design involves repetition of the entire basic plan. (See the Input Data Set section for more information.)

Every numeric variable other than Group, Block, Treatment, or Rep in the input SAS data set may be considered a response variable. A VAR statement tells PROC LATTICE that only the variables listed in the VAR statement are to be considered response variables. If the VAR statement is omitted, then all numeric variables, excluding Group, Block, Treatment, and Rep, are considered response variables. PROC LATTICE performs an analysis for each response variable.