The GLMSELECT Procedure

Syntax: GLMSELECT Procedure

The following statements are available in the GLMSELECT procedure:

PROC GLMSELECT <options> ;
BY variables ;
CLASS variable <(v-options)> <variable <(v-options …)>> </ v-options> <options> ;
CODE <options> ;
EFFECT name = effect-type (variables </ options>) ;
FREQ variable ;
MODEL variable = <effects> </ options> ;
MODELAVERAGE <options> ;
OUTPUT <OUT=SAS-data-set> <keyword<=name>> <…keyword<=name>> ;
PARTITION <options> ;
PERFORMANCE <options> ;
SCORE <DATA=SAS-data-set> <OUT=SAS-data-set> ;
STORE <OUT=>item-store-name </ LABEL='label'> ;
WEIGHT variable ;

All statements other than the MODEL statement are optional and multiple SCORE statements can be used. CLASS and EFFECT statements, if present, must precede the MODEL statement.

The STORE and CODE statements are also used by many other procedures. A summary description of functionality and syntax for these statements is also shown after the PROC GLMSELECT statement in alphabetical order, but you can find full documentation about them in the section STORE Statement of Chapter 19: Shared Concepts and Topics.