The GLMPOWER Procedure


PROC GLMPOWER <options> ;

The PROC GLMPOWER statement invokes the GLMPOWER procedure. You can specify the following options.


names a SAS data set to be used as the exemplary data set, which is an artificial data set constructed to represent the intended sampling design and the conjectured response means for the underlying population.


specifies the sort order for the levels of the classification variables (which are specified in the CLASS statement).

This option applies to the levels for all classification variables, except when you use the (default) ORDER=FORMATTED option with numeric classification variables that have no explicit format. With this option, the levels of such variables are ordered by their internal value.

The ORDER= option can take the following values:

Value of ORDER=

Levels Sorted By


Order of appearance in the input data set


External formatted value, except for numeric variables with no explicit format, which are sorted by their unformatted (internal) value


Descending frequency count; levels with the most observations come first in the order


Unformatted value

By default, ORDER=FORMATTED. For ORDER=FORMATTED and ORDER=INTERNAL, the sort order is machine-dependent.

For more information about sort order, see the chapter on the SORT procedure in the Base SAS Procedures Guide and the discussion of BY-group processing in SAS Language Reference: Concepts.


specifies that only graphical results from the PLOT statement be produced.