The CATMOD Procedure

RESTRICT Statement

RESTRICT parameter=value <…parameter=value> ;

where parameter is the letter B followed by a number; for example, B3 specifies the third parameter in the model. The value is the value to which the parameter is restricted. The RESTRICT statement restricts values of parameters to the values you specify, so that the estimation of the remaining parameters is subject to these restrictions. Consider the following statement:

restrict b1=1 b4=0 b6=0;

This restricts the values of three parameters. The first parameter is set to 1, and the fourth and sixth parameters are set to zero.

The RESTRICT statement is interactive. A new RESTRICT statement replaces any previous ones. In addition, if you submit two or more MODEL, LOGLIN, FACTORS, or REPEATED statements, then the subsequent occurrences of these statements also delete the previous RESTRICT statement.