The HPPRINCOMP Procedure

CODE Statement

  • CODE <options>;

The CODE statement enables you to write SAS DATA step code for computing the principal component scores either to a file or to a catalog entry. This code can then be included in a DATA step to score new data.

The CODE statement is not supported when the PARTIAL statement is specified. If you specify more than one CODE statement, only the last one specified is used.

Table 12.3 summarizes the options available in the CODE statement.

Table 12.3: CODE Statement Options




Names the catalog entry where the generated code is saved


Names the file where the generated code is saved


Specifies the numeric format for the eigenvectors


Specifies the group identifier for array names and statement labels


Specifies the line size of the generated code

For more information about the syntax of the CODE statement, see the section "CODE Statement" in ChapterĀ 19: Shared Concepts and Topics in SAS/STAT 13.2 User's Guide.