The HPNLMOD Procedure


The HPNLMOD procedure does the following:

  • reads input data in parallel and writes output data in parallel when the data source is the appliance database

  • is highly multithreaded during all phases of analytic execution

  • computes analytical derivatives of user-provided expressions for more robust parameter estimations

  • evaluates user-provided expressions and their confidence limits by using the ESTIMATE and PREDICT statements

  • estimates parameters without specifying a particular distribution function by using the least squares method

  • estimates parameters by using the maximum likelihood method when either a built-in distribution function is specified or a likelihood function is provided

Because the HPNLMOD procedure is a high-performance analytical procedure, it also does the following:

  • enables you to run in distributed mode on a cluster of machines that distribute the data and the computations

  • enables you to run in single-machine mode on the server where SAS is installed

  • exploits all the available cores and concurrent threads, regardless of execution mode

For more information, see the section Processing Modes in ChapterĀ 3: Shared Concepts and Topics.