The HPSPLIT Procedure

Syntax: HPSPLIT Procedure

The following statements and options are available in the HPSPLIT procedure:

PROC HPSPLIT <options> ;
CODE FILE=filename ;
CRITERION criterion </ options> ;
ID variables ;
INPUT variables </ option> ;
OUTPUT <output-options> </ subtreestat-option> ;
PARTITION <partition-options> ;
PERFORMANCE performance-options ;
PRUNE <prune-options> ;
RULES FILE=filename ;
SCORE OUT=SAS-data-set ;
TARGET variable </ option> ;

The PROC HPSPLIT statement, the TARGET statement, and the INPUT statement are required. All other statements are optional. You can specify the INPUT statement multiple times.

It is recommended that you use at least one of the following statements: OUTPUT, RULES, or CODE.

The following sections describe the PROC HPSPLIT statement and then describe the other statements in alphabetical order.