The HPSPLIT Procedure

Interval Input Binning Details

PROC HPSPLIT places interval input variables into bins. You can specify the number of bins by using the INTERVALBINS= option in the PROC HPSPLIT statement. Each bin except the last spans the range

\begin{equation*}  \left[ \frac{v_{\mi {max}} - v_{\mi {vmin}}}{\mi {intervalbins}}\mi {bin} + v_{\mi {min}}, \frac{v_{\mi {max}} - v_{\mi {min}}}{\mi {intervalbins}}\left(\mi {bin}+1 \right) + v_{\mi {min}} \right) \end{equation*}

where $v_{\mi {max}}$ and $v_{\mi {min}}$ are the maximum and minimum value of the respective variable and bin is the bin, which is an integer in the range

\begin{equation*}  \left[0, \mi {intervalbins} \right) \end{equation*}

For the largest bin, the end of the bin range is inclusive.