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Saving and Printing Tables

Output Objects

By default, tables are saved in text format. It is also possible to save SAS/INSIGHT tables as SAS data sets, or in other formats such as HTML.

For example, the following steps illustrate how to create a data set from the Moments table in a distribution analysis.

In the Program Editor, submit the following ODS command:
   ods output Moments = MOMENTS;

This command instructs ODS to create a SAS data set called MOMENTS from a table named "Moments".

Create a Moments table.

One way to do this is to open the DRUG data set, select the CHANG_BP variable, and select Analyze:Distribution ( Y ) to obtain a distribution analysis. The Moments table is generated by default.

Open the MOMENTS data set

Select File:Open, and look under the WORK library. Select the MOMENTS data set and click Open.

You can find out the name of any table created in SAS/INSIGHT. To do this, submit the following ODS command in the Program Editor prior to creating the table.
   ods trace output;
When you create a table, the name of that table is printed to the Log window.

You can also redirect all of your SAS/INSIGHT tables to an HTML file. Prior to creating any tables, submit an ODS command such as

   ods html body="tables.htm";

Any tables you now save are written as HTML. When you are finished saving tables, submit the ODS command

   ods html close;

To view the table's values, select View:Results from the Program Editor menu. Then select the name of a table to view.

For more information on the Output Delivery System, refer to the chapter on "Using the Output Delivery System" in the SAS/STAT User's Guide or refer to The Complete Guide to the SAS Output Delivery System.

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