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Saving and Printing Tables

Saving and Printing Tables as Output Objects

SAS/INSIGHT software saves and prints tables using the Output Delivery System. The Output Delivery System enables you to save tables as output objects. You can edit and manipulate output objects using the OUTPUT procedure, and you can save output objects as text files, catalogs, or SAS data sets.

Invoke SAS/INSIGHT software, create analyses, and select any tables of interest.

To select tables, drag a rectangle across the tables or click on their edges. If you have no tables selected, you will save or print all tables in the window.

spt04.gif (14393 bytes)

Figure 28.2: Tables Selected

Choose File:Save:Tables.

Figure 28.3: File:Save Menu

From the Program Editor menu, select View:Results to create the Results Window.

Figure 28.4: View Menu

spt07.gif (4265 bytes)

Figure 28.5: Results Window

Selecting the name of a table in the results window displays that table in the Output window.

You can save all tables at the creation of each analysis by choosing File:Save:Initial Tables. This menu is a toggle; choosing it again turns off the automatic saving of tables.

Figure 28.6: File:Save Menu

Also, each table has a pop-up menu to save just that table. Click on the menu button at the upper left of the table to display the pop-up menu.

Figure 28.7: Table Pop-up Menu

Saving tables to the Output Delivery System converts your tables to output objects. Variables in output objects have names derived from the table headers. Where conflicts occur, a new unique name is generated. Variables in the output object are assigned formats derived from the tables.

You can send the contents of the Output window to a file or printer by choosing File:Print in the Output window. On many hosts, the SAS System is installed so that this menu sends the contents of the Output window to a default printer. You can also choose this menu to save the window contents to a file and later route them to a printer using appropriate host commands.

Figure 28.8: File Menu

Alternatively, you can redirect SAS System output from the Output window to a text file by using the PRINTTO procedure.

For more information on printing from the Output window, refer to the SAS companion for your host. For more information on PROC PRINTTO, refer to the SAS Procedures Guide.

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