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Saving and Printing Graphics

Setting Display Options

To improve presentation output, SAS/INSIGHT software provides display options. Choose Edit:Windows:Display Options to produce the display options dialog.

Figure 27.5: Edit:Windows Menu

spg06.gif (5253 bytes)

Figure 27.6: Display Options Dialog

The Background option enables you to choose a Black or White background. Because they provide maximum contrast, black and white are the best background colors for exploratory data analysis.

Printing on black-and-white printers may translate colors to shades of gray. If gray shades do not reproduce well on your printer, choose Foreground:Monochrome to improve your output. The figures in this book are set as in Figure 27.6.

The remaining display options are described in detail in Chapter 29, "Configuring SAS/INSIGHT Software." You can choose File:Save:Options to save all option settings to use as defaults in subsequent SAS/INSIGHT sessions.

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