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Labeling Observations

Temporary and Permanent Labels

When you click on an observation, you display its temporary label. To see this, follow these steps.

Open the GPA data set.

Choose Analyze:Scatter Plot ( Y X ).

This displays a scatter plot variables dialog, as shown in Figure 8.2.

Select SATM and SATV as X variables and GPA as the Y variable.

lab02.gif (6352 bytes)

Figure 8.2: Scatter Plot Variables Dialog

Click the OK button.

This creates two scatter plots, as shown in Figure 8.3.

Click on an observation in one of the plots.

The observation is highlighted in both plots, and a label appears beside the observation in the plot in which you clicked. This label is temporary; it disappears when you deselect the observation.

lab03.gif (12339 bytes)

Figure 8.3: Temporary Label

You can turn this label into a permanent label.

Choose Edit:Observations:Label in Plots.

This labels the observation in all plots, and the label remains if you deselect the observation.

Figure 8.4: Edit: Observations Menu

lab05.gif (20590 bytes)

Figure 8.5: Permanently Labeled Observations

Notice in the data window that the observation is displayed with a picture of a label. This indicates that a label will always be displayed for this observation in all plots.

If you change your mind, you can remove the permanent label by choosing Edit:Observations:UnLabel in Plots.

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