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Getting Started

Of Mice and Menus

This section describes how to operate SAS/INSIGHT software and defines terms used in the rest of this book.

Some details depend on your host, the specific system of computing hardware and software you use. For example, all hosts present SAS/INSIGHT software in a system of windows on the host's display, but the appearance of your windows may differ from the figures in this book. You can find more information in the SAS companion for your host and in your host system documentation. On most hosts, you can point to objects on the display by using a mouse. A mouse is a physical device that controls the location of a cursor, a small moveable symbol on the display. The mouse also has buttons that work like keys on the computer keyboard. By pointing with the mouse and clicking a button, you can indicate any object on the display. In SAS/INSIGHT software, all operations you may want to perform are listed in menus. So to perform any task, you point with the mouse and click the buttons to select objects and choose operations from menus.

Selecting Objects

Choosing from Menus

Pop-up Menus

Menu State Indicators

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