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Getting Started

Getting Help

Both beginning and expert users can take advantage of SAS/INSIGHT software's context-sensitive help system. To receive context-sensitive help, select any graph or table by clicking on its border. Then choose Help:Help on Selection, as illustrated in Figure 1.11. Figure 1.12 shows the context-sensitive help when the Quantiles table is selected.


Figure 1.11: Help Menu

int12.gif (27414 bytes)

Figure 1.12: Context Sensitive Help

You can also get context-sensitive help with the SAS System Help key. This key, usually F1 on your keyboard, displays help on the object at your present cursor position. You can get context-sensitive help in any SAS/INSIGHT data or analysis window by simply placing the cursor on the item of interest and pressing the Help key. Within any help window, you can point and click on individual topics to get further information.

The Help menu entries correspond to parts of this manual. Choose Help:Introduction to learn about SAS/INSIGHT software; Help:Techniques to learn how to perform a particular task; Help:Reference to look up detailed information; or Help:Index to see an index of all SAS/INSIGHT topics.

int13.gif (14513 bytes)

Figure 1.13: Help Index

Choose Help:SAS System to see a general index of SAS System topics. Choose Help:Create Samples to create sample data sets; examples throughout this manual refer to these data sets. See the following section for more information.

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