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Hiding Observations

Hiding Individual Observations

You can adjust the range of data displayed and show subsets of your data by hiding observations.

Hiding observations in graphs does not exclude them from calculations. To exclude observations from calculations, see Chapter 21, "Comparing Analyses."

Open the GPA data set.

Create a scatter plot of SATM versus SATV.

Use the techniques described in Chapter 5, "Exploring Data in Two Dimensions."

Select the two observations with values of SATM below 400.

Use extended selection or drag a rectangle around both observations.

hid02.gif (9284 bytes)

Figure 9.2: Observations Selected

Choose Edit:Observations:Hide in Graphs.

Figure 9.3: Edit: Observations Menu

This causes the selected observations to disappear from the graph. The graph rescales automatically. The new SATM axis starts at 400.

hid04.gif (9368 bytes)

Figure 9.4: Observations Hidden

Choose Find Next from the data window pop-up menu.

This scrolls to the next selected observation and shows that the hidden observation has no marker. The absence of the marker in the data window indicates that the observation is hidden in all graphs.

hid05.gif (11412 bytes)

Figure 9.5: Data Window after Hiding Observations

Choose Edit:Observations:Show in Graphs.

Figure 9.6: Edit: Observations Menu

This makes the observations visible again. The scatter plot rescales.

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