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Data Windows


The row headings in a data window give information on each observation, including the observation states and observation number. The total number of observations appears in the upper left corner of the data window.

dat05.gif (9759 bytes)

Figure 31.7: Observations

SAS/INSIGHT software supports the following observation states:

shows the shape of the marker used in scatter plots, rotating plots, and box plots.

shows the color of the observation.

tells whether a label is displayed by default.

tells whether an observation is displayed in graphs.

tells whether an observation is included in calculations for curves and analysis tables.

tells whether an observation is selected.

An observation's marker and color appear at the left side of the row heading, as shown in Figure 31.7.

An observation's Label/UnLabel state is shown by a picture of a label around the observation number if the observation's label is displayed by default. In Figure 31.7, observations 2, 4, and 8 are labeled.

An observation's Show/Hide state is shown by whether or not a marker is displayed in the row heading. In Figure 31.7, observations 2, 3, and 6 are hidden.

An observation's Include/Exclude state is shown by the way the observation number is displayed. The observation number is grayed-out for observations that are excluded from calculations. In Figure 31.7, observations 5 and 6 are excluded.

An observation's select state is shown by whether the row heading is highlighted or not. In Figure 31.7, observations 1, 2, 6, and 8 are selected.

You can use the Edit:Observations menu to set all of these observation states. This menu also enables you to find observations meeting a specific search criterion or to examine observations in detail.

Figure 31.8: Edit Observations Menu

You can also use the observation pop-up menu to set observation states. To see this menu for a particular observation, click on the observation's marker.

Figure 31.9: Observation Pop-up Menu

SAS/INSIGHT software saves observation states when you save a data set and restores them when you read a data set.

Label/Unlabel, Chapter 8.

Show/Hide, Chapter 9.

Include/Exclude, Chapter 21.

Saving Observation States, Chapter 30.

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