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Adjusting Axes and Ticks

Adjusting 3D Axes

The rotating plot pop-up menu provides control over the position of the axes. Display the pop-up menu and choose from the Axes submenu.


Figure 7.9: Rotating Plot Pop-up Menu

If you are doing exploratory work and are primarily interested in the shape of the point cloud, choose Axes:At Midpoints to display the axes centered in the plot. This display minimizes interference of the axes with your view of the data, in part because tick marks and tick labels are not displayed.

Choose Axes:At Minima to display axes at the minimum data values if you have spatial data and are interested in observation positions. These axes span the range of the data. All tick marks and tick labels are also displayed.

axi09.gif (13 bytes)

Figure 7.10: Axes at Midpoints and at Minima

Axes:At Midpoints is the default setting. To change the default, click the Output button in the Rotating Plot Variables dialog and set the Axes:At Minima option. Choose File:Save:Options to save your options.

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