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SAS System Options for Encryption

SSLPKCS12LOC= System Option

Specifies the location of the PKCS #12 encoding package file.
Client: Optional
Server: Optional
Valid in: configuration file, OPTIONS statement, SAS System Options window, SAS invocation
Operating Environment: UNIX, z/OS
Category: Communications: Networking and Encryption
PROC OPTIONS Group= Communications

Syntax Description



Syntax Description


specifies the location of the PKCS #12 DER encoding package file that contains the certificate and the private key.

Note:   If you run in a z/OS operating environment, this file must be in the UNIX file system. The OpenSSL library cannot read MVS data sets.   [cautionend]


If the SSLPKCS12LOC= option is specified, the PKCS #12 DER encoding package must contain both the certificate and private key. The SSLCERTLOC= and SSLPVTKEYLOC= options will be ignored.

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