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Optimizing the Performance of SCL Code

You can optimize the performance of SCL programs in your applications with the SCL analysis tools.

The following table lists the available tools and provides information about when you might want to use each tool.

Use the... when you want to...
Coverage Analyzer monitor an executing application and access a report that shows which lines of SCL code are not executed during testing.
List Diagnostic Utility monitor an executing application and access reports on the use of SCL lists, including any lists that are left undeleted.
Performance Analyzer monitor an executing application and identify any bottlenecks in the application's SCL code.
Static Analyzer access reports that detail SCL code complexity; variable, function, method and I/O usage; and error and warning messages.

To display a menu of the SCL analysis tools, enter sclprof at the command prompt. For detailed information about using these tools, see the SAS/AF online Help.

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