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Using Other SAS Software Features in SCL Programs

SCL supports most of the features of the Base SAS language. Some Base SAS features are directly supported by SCL. Other Base SAS features have equivalent features in SCL, although there may be small differences in functionality. For example, the IN operator in SCL, returns the index of the element if a match is found rather than a 1 (true).

SAS Component Language Dictionary provides entries for elements that have different functionality in SCL programs. The differences are summarized in Using SAS DATA Step Features in SCL Programs.

Although SCL does not provide an equivalent for every command that is available under your operating system, it does provide features that interact directly with SAS software and with host operating systems. For example, you can use the SUBMIT statement to access other features of SAS software, and you can use the SYSTEM function to issue host operating system commands. SCL also supports the SAS macro facility. For more information about these features, see Using SCL with Other SAS Software Products.

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