Syntax: PROC PARETO Statement

The syntax for the PARETO procedure is as follows:

PROC PARETO <options> ;
BY variables ;
VBAR <(variable-list)> < / options> ;
HBAR <(variable-list)> < / options> ;
INSET keyword-list </ options> ;

You must specify the PROC PARETO statement and at least one VBAR or HBAR statement (also referred to as chart statements). All other statements, such as BY, INSET, and TITLE statements, are optional.

The BY statement specifies variables in the input data set that are used for BY processing. A separate analysis is done for each group of observations defined by the levels of the BY variables. The input data set must be sorted in order of the BY variables.

If you specify two or more variables in a chart statement, they must be enclosed in parentheses. You can use multiple chart statements with one PROC PARETO statement. An INSET statement must follow a chart statement. It produces an inset displaying information on the chart created by the chart statement it follows. For details on the VBAR, HBAR or INSET statement, read the chapter on that statement.